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International Prepaid Voice Bundle

Digicel International Voice Bundle

The Digicel International Voice Bundle is a prepaid service, where you can instantly buy a bundle of international minutes offered at a discounted rate.

Destinations included in the bundle are:

The Netherlands, Canada, USA, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru and Venezuela.

No special calling Card required, Easy and quick activation and the best rates from your mobile.


International Voice Bundle

Plan name



Effective rates*


15 Minutes plan

$ 2.80


$ 0.18

Dial *468*15#

45 Minutes plan

$ 8.50


$ 0.18

Dial *468*45#

80 Minutes plan

$ 14


$ 0.17

Dial *468*80#

*Effective rates are from calls made to fixed lines of included destinations.


How it works 

Activation is easy: Dial *468# (INT) and you will receive a reply message after which you select the bundle of your choice. The charge of the bundle will be deducted from your prepaid account and you make cheaper calls right after confirmation.  

The discounted rates are applicable for fixed and mobile (please check FAQ for applicable rates calling mobile). If the bundle minutes are exhausted before the 7 days period ends, additional minutes can be purchased by dialing *468*5*<plan id>. After 7 days the bundles expires and you can choose to renew, either with the same bundle amount or with another bundle amount.

Click here to view the FAQs.