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Mobile Web

Digicel Unlimited Data

With Digicel Unlimited Data you can use your mobile service for far more than just talk and text. Digicel Unlimited Data facilitates access to a number of interactive mobile products and services including:

           Unlimited downloads

           Internet Browsing

           Instant messaging

           Mobile Email

           WAP browsing via the Digicel Live portal

For using this service you will need a GPRS / EDGE compatible handset. Digicel GPRS / EDGE networks also support mobile email solutions like Blackberry.

Digicel Pay as you go

For customers that do not need an unlimited package because they only occasionally use the mobile internet, we offer the pay-as-you-go service.

Digicel Data Pricing

Digicel data services are priced at the affordable rate of USD 1.12 per MB for the pay-as-you-go users. Charging will be per KB.

Digicel Unlimited Data is available for USD 28 in combination with any postpaid package.

How much is 1 Megabyte? On average, one Megabyte is the equivalent of:
  • 1000 average length text-only emails
  • 2 minutes of an MP3 file
  • A 25 page Word document
  • A 20 slide basic PowerPoint presentation
  • 30 emails with one page Word attachment
  • 25 Internet pages (quantity varies by size)


Digicel Unlimited Data is available for USD 28 per month in combination with any postpaid package.