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Email has quickly become the primary correspondence medium, not only in the business environment but also for private use.

Blackberry offers a mobile solution that incorporates the benefits of:

  • Always on, always connected technology
  • The ability to view attachments
  • The ability to manage your mail box
  • Integration with your existing email server
  • Advanced voice communications technology
  • Centralized management of all Blackberry devices on your account

Blackberry Email Solutions
Digicel can provide a Blackberry solution to suit your specific communications need.

Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)
The Blackberry Internet Service is an Internet-based solution which is best suited for use by small businesses that may not have a dedicated email server, and individuals with personal email accounts.
Supported Email services include:

·         Outlook

·         Lotus Notes (with forwarding rule)

·         Internet Service Provider email accounts

·         Internet-based email services like Yahoo Plus, Hotmail Plus, AOL, Gmail

The BIS service is available for both postpaid and prepaid customers, who choose for one of the 3 BlackBerry bundles

·         BlackBerry Messaging Bundle

·         BlackBerry Social Networking Bundle

·         BlackBerry Internet Bundle


Prepaid users can easily activate the service by calling to  *136# and follow the instructions they receive.

Blackberry Enterprise Solution (BES)

The Blackberry Enterprise Solution is designed for large scale corporate customers that currently have enterprise email systems. The BES solution provides an integrated package that includes hardware, software and access to the service. The BES service is only available for postpaid customers, who choose for the BlackBerry Internet bundle

Supported Email Servers include:

  • Microsoft® Exchange
  • IBM Lotus® Domino
  • Novell Groupwise