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Price Plans

With Digicel you can choose either of our products Digicel Flex which is a pre-paid service and Digicel Select which is our post-paid service. All Digicel customers can enjoy the extensive benefits of our superior state-of-the-art digital GSM network, dedicated customer care and value for money mobile phone service. But that's not all - you also get additional advanced features with each product. Choose the product that suits your needs best.


Digicel Flex
Digicel Flex is the prepaid mobile phone service that allows you to stay in control. There are no bills, no rental and no connection fee, you simply pay when you want
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Digicel Select
With Digicel Select, you get flexible choices that suit your lifestyle combined with real value for money. Simply choose a package based on estimated time on the phone. Remember the more you spend the more you save!
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