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Samsung - Galaxy S6 Compare 

Protected by the very latest Gorilla Glass, each member of the Galaxy S6 family feature the same stunning QHD Super AMOLED display - delivering a super immersive viewing experience and level of picture realism that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

  • 16MP rear camera
  • 5MP front camera
  • Fingerprint scanner
Digicel Flex USD659
Digicel Select USD507
Samsung - Galaxy S6 edge+ Compare 

The S6 Edge is a fantastic looking handset with plenty of power and an impressive camera, but a high price, poor battery performance and sub-par edge screen features stop it from achieving perfection.

  • super AMOLED capatative touchscreen
  • 32GB internal
  • 4GB RAM
  • 16MP rear camera
Digicel Flex USD809
Digicel Select USD505