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FAQs: Prepaid Roaming

1.       How do I topup my account while I am roaming?

In an effort to afford you every facility to make the prepaid roaming as seamless as possible, Digicel provides numerous options for recharging your account:

          Topup with sufficient credit before you leave your country

          Purchase your vouchers while in Bonaire and top-up while abroad. Local vouchers can be applied via our service.

          topup online via this website with your credit card


2.       Will there be a special way to check my balance while roaming?

Simply press *142# and send as usual and you will be given a balance update on the screen of your phone.


3.       What will happen if my balance is too low to make/receive a call?

If your balance is below the required amount for making a call and you try to call someone, you will hear a "low balance" tone and the call will not go through, once you top-up again, you will regain the services of you phone. If someone tries to call you while your balance is too low, the call will not be connected.


4.       How do I access my voicemail while roaming?

To access the voicemail service while roaming, dial the number captioned below from your handset.


 + 599 700 9995       


5.       If I have any questions or problems, how do I contact customer care?

If you need to contact customer care while roaming abroad, you may use any of the following medium:



Phone: + 599 717 4400      


Click here for Pre-Paid Roaming Tariffs & Rates