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FAQs: Prepaid data bundle

FAQs prepaid data bundle

1 Q: What is a Digicel Prepaid Data Plan?

A: Digicel Prepaid Data plan is our service to access the Internet, downloads, and easy access to the information that’s important to you, right from your mobile phone. In order to access the service you must have a handset that is compatible with the service.

2 Q: What are the 4 Digicel Prepaid  Data Plans available?

A: Digicel offers 4 Data plan for our Prepaid customers:

·         1 day subscription fee US$ 1.95                - 50 MB data limit

·         7 days subscription fee  US$ 10.00            - 350 MB data limit

·         14 days subscription fee US$ 17.50           - 600 MB data limit

·         30 days subscription fee US$ 30.00           - 1500 MB data limit 

3  Q: How many megabytes (MB) of data do I need?

A: A megabyte (MB) is the measurement used for the amount of information that is sent and received from the Internet when you browse the Web and download content like ringtones, wallpaper, and games. Digicel offers data services with different amounts of data. The Unlimited Data plan is available for customers that want to access the mobile Web frequently to browse their favorite Web sites and search for music and ringtones.

4  Q: What are the Prepaid Data plan requirements?

A: Digcel’s network uses both General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) technologies to deliver data services.

This is why your mobile phone must be compatible with EDGE/GPRS.

5  Q: What will happened when a customer exceed his amount of MB on the selected packages?

A: After reaching your data limit, you will be charged US$l 1.10 for each MB of data traffic used

6 Q: Is the Internet on my phone the same as on my computer?

A: Most of the phones that Digicel sells can access the Internet websites if you have the data service. In some cases, the web sites you visit are optimized to fit on the screen of your phone, making the experience seem different than on your home computer.

Most companies will optimize their sites to be viewed on a mobile phone, but not all Web sites will be optimized. In cases where the site has not been optimized to fit on a small screen, the page may display incorrectly and some images or links will not display.