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Roaming With Digicel



Staying in touch when you’re abroad is no hassle with our Digicel postpaid package. Make and receive calls and use the internet while you travel with your Digicel phone. For a full list of all roaming partners please visit



In order to roam with your Digicel Postpaid phone abroad, you will need to activate this at the Digicel Store in Bonaire. A Roaming deposit is required in order to be able to activate Roaming.Postpaid customers can roam in all Digicel territories for a reduced tariff per minute, and enjoy the extensive network worldwide. Network partners can submit chargeable calls up to 30 days after the call was made, therefore this amount can show on the next invoice. Furthermore, receiving calls when traveling to Aruba and Curacao is FREE. For a more detailed list visit or call 145.



Data roaming allows you to receive mail, data, MMS and access the internet from your phoneand BlackBerry. Data customers can roam in all Digicel territories and numerous places where you travel.Data roaming is FREE between the islands of Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba. We are constantly expanding our roaming (data) network and therefore we recommend that you contact our Customer Care department before you travel to your destination to find out whether (data) roaming is available in the country to which you are traveling to.

If roaming, it is suggested that you invest in a Quad bandphone for GSM only networks or a 3G phone if going to roam on a 3G network.


Before you leave the country, remember to follow these 3 easy steps:

1.       Verify if you have roaming services activated

2.       Find the Network Selection setting in your Digicel mobile phone menu, and select ‘AUTOMATIC’ before you go to the airport

3.       When you have reached your destination, turn on your phone and allow it to update and locate Digicel’s partner network


There are some phones that you will need to select the network manually. To do this, go to Menu>Network Selection> Change Band> Change to 1900, press ok. For more roaming information call customer service on 145. When calling from abroad or when using roaming service please call + 599 7174400 for our customer service and they will be happy to assist with your query.